Simon ST
Algorithmic composition program for ATARI ST, it's a seguenzer, arranger and pattern-maker.

Simon ST runs on Atari ST and under the ST-Emulator Steem on a PC.


. Arrange window

  4 arrange-lines (as notator), every pattern with 16 tracks

. Pattern/Event-editor

. Track-parameter

  (GR) grafic mode: Edit Events in velocity-mode, harmony-mode, guitar-TAB-mode

  (OK) track can't be changed

  (Status) midi-status of the events (and internal status tempo)

  (VAL1) midi-byte 1 can be fixed

  (VOICE/CH) output midi

  (TR) track transpose

  (DEL) track delay (- or +)

  (COMPOSITION-SET) this set wil be used to create events

  (SNAP) grafic snap in this track and auto-insert length of events

  (LINE) Helplines in this track

  (LEN) fixed-length of events

. Events in velocity-mode

  every midi-event with standard midi-parameter and compositon data (information about val1, b/#, octave and harmony)

. Drum-map

. Events in guitar-TAB-Mode

. Midi-events with internal status

  ritardando/accelerando (you have two parameter for tempo:
  global (absolute) tempo and relativ tempo

. Copy-pattern

. Random-window

  You can use randoms for every music paramenter:
  time, length, vol, vel, prog, harmony, degree, source-track, source-pattern, etc.

. Scale-window

  there is a difference between d# and eb
  You can create different scales for each harmony

interpreter and compiler - that's "music basic"

Here is the source of the composition-set, which will be used by a track to create midi-events.

Procedures, labels, goto, if/then/else, variables, randoms, ...

All music parameters can be defined by constants, variables and randoms.

Here you see some lines of an open string set for guitar

If you want to hear the result, download the test-midifile.

Please select a midi-guitar in your sequenzer!

If you don't remember the token, you may use this token-list and here is a list of all randoms, you have used in your composition set

. Style-functions

. Trace-mode

  If you want to look at the details of composition, switch on the trace mode. You can look to every change of parameter, while composition is running.

. Track, voice, channel

  All midi-events are routed to a voice (with own transpose, velocity-compression and velocity-add) and then go to a midi-channel (with bank-select/program/vol/ and delay).

. Pattern-overview

. Load/Save files

the top bar (tempo, play, continue, stop, cycle-mode, forward, backward, catch, global transpose, global velocity coompression and global velocity add) and the arrange window at the bottom are always present

SimonST is written in Omikron-Basic and in Assembler using DevPac - more information/manual is 'under construction'.

Simon ST V03 (221 KB)
  Simon ST program (Freeware)

:: Simon ST Lessons

If you want to understand, how Simon ST creates music, look at the following table.
You will find there midifiles, mp3's and listings/comments of several songs .

. vomhim27
  Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her
  Create the 2nd, 3rd and 4th voice
  vomhimmel27.mid (2 KB)
  vomhim27.cre (84 KB)
  vomhim27.mp3 (294 KB)

. irish11
  irish feeling, with accordion, guitar, clarinet, english horn and strings
  irishf11.mid (19 KB)
  irishf11.cre (41 KB)
  IRISHF11SHORT.mp3 (472 KB) (Mono)
  irishf11.mp3 (1771 KB) (Stereo)

. simple
  create a cadence in C-F-G-C
  simple.mid (1 KB)
  simple.cre (6 KB)

. guitar05
  a guitar song with open strings. Use for this song a good classic guitar sound
  guitar05.mid (7 KB)
  guitar05.cre (34 KB)
  guitar05short.mp3 (278 KB)
  guitar05.mp3 (1504 KB)

. span5
  spanish guitar session, two guitars play together: first with the chords, the second is improvising an arhythmic melody. Use for this song a good classic guitar sound
  span5.mid (21 KB)
  span5.cre (51 KB)
  span5short.mp3 (438 KB)
  span5.mp3 (2120 KB)

:: Simon ST Download Jingles

Here you find some jingles created by SIMON ST
  track01.mp3 (989 KB)
  track02.mp3 (1171 KB)
  track03.mp3 (1571 KB)
  track40.mp3 (1534 KB)

Simon ST files:
  span3.cre (155 KB)
  use for these files a good classic guitar sound


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