Sweet Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen has an impressive resolution of 192 PPQN (Pulses Per Quarter Note) enabling precise and accurate editing. Modifying data is easily performed using either the List or Piano Roll editor screens:

. List Editor
. Piano Roll Editor
. Mixer Editor
  Sweet Sixteen includes a handy mixer page to record and take numerous snapshots of your favourite mixes. Although designed to work with GM devices, Sweet Sixteen's mixer page can be used with most other makes of equipment.

Sweet Sixteen has 24 tracks in each pattern. In Song Mode, where pattern 17 runs in parallel with the other patterns, you may have up to 48 tracks playing simultaneously.

System Requirements:
  . Atari ST/STE, Mega ST/STE, TT030 or Falcon
  . Colour or Monochrome Monitor (medium or high resolution)
  . Min 512 Kbytes RAM
  . Also works with special systems as Medusa, Hades 060 etc.

Sweet Sixteen (174 KB)


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