Notator SL
. Description:
  . 1584 tracks MIDI sequencer
  . score editor
  . MIDI events editor

. Category:
  . MIDI sequencer

. Requirements:
  . Atari 520/1040 ST(f/e) / Mega ST(e) / TT / Falcon.
  . RAM: 1 MB minimum supported, 2 MB recommended.

. Last release date:
  . 1992 (version 3.21)

. Licence:
  . Commercial

. Credits:
  . Emagic

. Download:
  Notator SL 3.21 main disk (351 KB)
  Version 3.21 of Notator SL, which is the final and last version released.
  This disk contains the main program files as well as the printer drivers.
  PS. You will need an original Notator SL dongle to use the program. This version will also work with the Log-3 hardware which comes as part of the Notator Logic package.
  In this case you should NOT use the Notator SL dongle since the copy protection hardware is handled by Log-3 for both Notator SL and Notator Logic.
  Having both in use at the same time can permanently damage the computer hardware!

  Fonts1 disk (194 KB)
  Notator SL 3.21 "Fonts 1" disk containing the main fonts as well as a demo song file showing for showing them.

  Fonts 2/Demo disk (110 KB)
  Notator SL 3.21 "Fonts 2/Demo" disk containing new symbol and chord fonts as well as a demo song.

  Tutorial disk (86 KB)
  Notator SL 3.21 "Tutorial" disk containing various tutorial and demo songs as well as fonts needed for those.


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